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Cooltronic – Truck Parking Coolers

Cooltronic Parking Coolers with High Efficiency with the Engine OFF

Cooltronic parking coolers allow sleeping and resting inside the cabin – with the engine switched off.

This contributes to a better performance of the driver, and safer driving on the road. The Cooltronic is a standalone air conditioning system, with the electrical compressor in a closed circuit, therefore cooling power is regulated automatically with minimum consumption.

Cooltronic Generation 2 Hatch

The Cooltronic G2 Hatch is available in three models:

Cooltronic 1000 G2 Hatch

For all cabs with moderate climate conditions.

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Cooltronic 1400 G2 Hatch

For larger cabs and / or warm climate conditions.

Cooltronic 1400 G2 Slim Hatch

Lowest compact parking cooler in the market, to fit vehicles with high cabs, and comply with height restrictions. Perfect fit to vehicles with Euro 6.

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  • Saves fuel and reduces costs – keeps the cab comfortable at night, while at rest, or during "standstill" times (e.g. loading and unloading) without idling the truck engine.
  • Reduces maintenance – the less truck engines idle, the less maintenance they require.
  • Compact and pre-filled electric driven compressor roof top unit for quick installation.
  • Powered directly from the vehicle battery, works independently of the engine.
  • Maintains a constant, comfortable and cool cab temperature, and reduces humidity for driver comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly, working with the engine-OFF, reduces emissions of CO2.

Cooltronic Features

  • Manual and automatic function.
  • Digital thermometer (in °C and °F).
  • Interior control panel.
  • Remote control by radio-frequency (RF).
  • Double battery protection.
  • Electrical AC unit with 5 fan speeds.
  • Pre-charged system with R134A refrigerant.
  • Easy mounting without drilling cab roof on trucks with a hatch.
  • Installation without touching the vehicle engine.
  • Working with engine switched ON or OFF.
  • Specific installation kits for different truck manufacturers and vehicles available.


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Cooltronic product images

cooltronic 01

The Cooltronic Hatch concept is designed for rapid and simple fitting in the truck.

cooltronic 02

In the shape of the new Cooltronic G2 Hatch, Eberspächer is offering a parking cooler solution for retrofitting with an output of 1.4 kW.

cooltronic 03

It doesn't get any flatter – The Cooltronic G2 Slim Hatch sets standards with a height of only 11.6 cm.