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Parking heaters

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Parking heaters provide safety and comfort in the vehicle

Webasto is a pioneer in parking heaters in cars. We develop and produce system solutions for original equipment and the aftermarket. We thereby increase the comfort in the vehicle and the safety of the occupants. Car windows that are free of ice and snow reduce the risk of accidents due to obstructed view.


webasto group standklimaanlage.text 220 07Parking heaters for automobiles. Our product portfolio includes solutions for diesel or gasoline vehicles. Webasto parking heaters quickly free car windows of ice and snow, prevent re-freezing, and ensure comfortable temperatures inside the vehicle. In addition, they can also preheat the engine. The advantage is that emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are reduced by around 50 percent compared with a cold start. A low voltage protection circuit ensures that there is always enough battery power available to start the vehicle. In addition, our highly efficient burner technology guarantees that the heaters consume very little fuel – an important contribution to climate protection.

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