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New heating concepts

For hybrid and electronic vehicles Webasto has developed heating systems which offer comforting temperatures for the interior while driving. After all, every vehicle needs a heater.


webasto group e car 220 07New heating concepts for alternative drives. Without heating, the windows fog up or become icy, impairing the driver’s vision, especially in winter. Since motors of hybrid and electric vehicles do not produce enough waste heat for heating, alternative heating concepts are required. Webasto offers two innovative heating systems.

Electric feeling. Webasto has developed an electric high voltage heater for the heating of hybrid or electronic vehicles. With an efficiency of 99 percent, the high-voltage heater converts electricity into heat with virtually no loss. This is made possible using the so-called thin film technology, which Webasto uses for the first time in a heater. At 1.9 kg (4,2 lb), the device is very light and is installed per plug and play.

Ecologically friendly heating with bioethanol. Our bioethanol heater has an efficiency of 85 percent, an infinitely adjustable heating output of 1.5 to 4.6 kW, and requires an average of 0.4 liters of bioethanol per hour in continuous operation. As combustible material, we use bioethanol, a renewable and therefore CO2-neutral raw material. The advantage of the heater: It does not draw power away from the battery and therefore maintains the range of electric vehicles.

Heating systems for automotive industry