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AXONE 4 is unrivalled on the market in terms of performance, technology and construction quality. It’s able to operate in any environment and in any conditions, both inside and outside the workshop. It is incredibly sturdy, being able to withstand knocks, falls, mud, dust and liquids, and is compliant with military standard MIL STD 810F.

AXONE 4 communicates with all TEXA diagnostic interfaces via Bluetooth, while the Internet connection allows quick access to a range of essential services that help immediately identify the right solution for the fault, ensuring flawless vehicle repairs. It can also connect to the workshop’s network over a Wi-Fi link to download the latest database updates, or use a smartphone as a hotspot to connect to the Internet when away from the workshop.



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The heart of AXONE 4 is the IDC4 PREMIUM operating software that, with its extraordinary features and constantly-updated contents, provides concrete support for the everyday activities of vehicle service technicians in the workshop.

The software features user-friendly graphics, with the menu divided into four scrolling screens (Diagnostics, Measurements, Data, Settings) for direct access to the required maintenance, setting and device control functions.

IDC4 PREMIUM provides diagnostics resources, a database with interactive wiring diagrams, detailed system and component datasheets, technical bulletins and mechanical data.

It is constantly updated by the TEXA technicians who work in the field every day, so as to extend and increase the number of vehicles our diagnostics solutions can be used on.