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NanoService satisfies the needs of mechanics who regularly perform quick, simple jobs, and who need a compact, efficient and dynamic tool.

NanoService is a small device with an extremely high erformance, to be used in combination with a Windows PC. Its practical, ergonomic shell houses state-of-the-art technology that diagnoses the electronic systems on cars and light commercial vehicles with no need for wires or cables.

This state-of-the-art tool lets you work on the advanced systems fitted to modern vehicles and its fully automatic functions provide less expert users with genuine help.




The large-scale introduction of electronic control systems to many types of vehicle brought about a revolution in the role of the tyre specialist who now has to deal with electronics and diagnosis.

The TEXA diagnosis tool and IDC4 service software (in tyre specialist configuration) offer professionals the opportunity to get to overcome the problems involved in working with the increasingly complex new electronic systems that are fitted to modern vehicles and let them take on additional work involving brake systems, steering and steering columns, lighting systems (headlights and indicators) and tyres.




The TEXA diagnostic tool combined with Software IDC4 Service FAST-FIT in centre configuration now offers the opportunity to quickly and safely resolve such problems without the need for in-depth knowledge about electronics.

All the operator has to do is select the make and model of the vehicle to be worked on and the software automatically provides all the functions needed to guarantee successful diagnostic tests for air-conditioning systems, lights, brakes, tyres, engines and resetting.



IDC4 Service

TEXA has developed IDC4 Service software especially for the NanoService tool, in order to tackle and solve the problems that arise in the daily work of tyre fitters and fast-fit centres.

IDC4 Service uses the same diagnostic database as all other TEXA diagnostic tools, and therefore combines practicality and simplicity with the best coverage of makes and models on the market today.

The software lets you work on tyres, suspensions, headlights, brakes, steering, air conditioning, engine, instruments, battery and more besides, and perform all relevant service resets. Two configurations are available: for tyre fitters and fast-fit centres.