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In case of sporadic and intermittent faults it is very difficult to reproduce, within the workshop, the combination of factors in which the fault occurred. Various tests will have to be carried out with the vehicle in motion: the technician will have to get in the vehicle with the diagnostic tool or with a laptop and carry out a series of test drives.

But even this procedure does not guarantee that the same fault will occur again during the period of time the test is carried out; this causes only problems and is a great waste of time for the technician.

OBD Matrix is the efficient, practical and professional solution to this problem: an innovative tool that connects to the car’s OBD socket, used for diagnostics functions and setting the vehicle’s accessible electronic systems (except for those relating to safety) while the vehicle is moving, meaning the vehicle spends less time in the workshop. OBD MATRIX can carry out diagnostics on all makes, models and electronic systems managed by the IDC4 MATRIX software.



OBD MATRIX is equipped with a cradle which is used to connect the device to a standard PC Windows, through which you will be able to carry out setting and data transfer operations.

All the technician will have to do is configure the OBD MATRIX based on the make, model and the specific electronic system she/he wishes to monitor and then connect it to the OBD socket of the vehicle.

This quick procedure takes about 2 minutes: once the specific electronic system the technician wishes to monitor is defined, she/he must connect the OBD MATRIX to the diagnostic socket of the vehicle and wait a few seconds for the device to recognize the control unit.

At this point, the technician can put the device back on the cradle and select the parameters she/he wishes to monitor, based on the list that appears on the IDC4 screen. OBD MATRIX can then be installed on the vehicle and handed back over to the client.



IDC4 MATRIX software allows mechanics to dialogue easily and instantly with the OBD MATRIX tool, and to monitor parameters from the vehicle under specific engine operating conditions. The software displays reports on individual journeys and helps identify intermittent errors and malfunctions on a large number of vehicles.

It is also very useful when needing to monitor correct operation of an injector or the automatic transmission, turbo rpm sensor, oil change or air-conditioner pressure.