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RCM (the Revolution Counter for Motorcycles) is a precision tool designed by TEXA to measure engine speed on large and small motorcycles.

Accurate measurement of engine speed is essential to ensure conformity to the latest MCTCNet 2 test methods.

RCM lets you measure engine speed without connecting any cables or sensors to the bike, and therefore reduces the time taken for authorised test centres to set up and run tests.



RCM uses an integrated antenna to analyse ignition frequency at the engine’s spark plugs.

It does not need cables and is fully autonomous thanks to rechargeable batteries. A keypad lets you select the number of cylinders and the engine type (2 or 4 stroke), while a practical graphic screen displays measured engine speed.

A green LED on the tool lights to confirm the correct reading of engine speed. Measurements can be transmitted to the test centre’s PC over a Bluetooth link or via an RS232 serial cable.