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Why a Parking Heater?

car vorteile fuer sie alternative

Advantages - for you


car vorteile freie sicht 20Your visibility is clear from the start when you have a Webasto parking heater- without scraping away ice. Hazardous moisture condensation and re-icing from inside no longer occur.

car vorteile warme auto 200The vehicle interior is at a comfortable temperature from the start of your journey. Clammy fingers, shivering and cold feet are things of the past. You can now do without Ice scraping and bulky jackets, that can hinder you behind the wheel.

car vorteile eiskratzen 200Out into the cold morning to scrape the ice from your windscreen – that is all in the past. Start your day relaxed and comfortable with a parking heater from Webasto. Look forward to getting into your cosy car.

car vorteile frau im bett 01You save time with a parking heater. Scraping ice, wiping damp surfaces and running the engine up to temperature is no longer necessary. The last option is prohibited in most countries anyway.

car bedienelement thermocal 01You can choose how you would like to operate your Webasto parking heater yourself. You can choose to operate it via remote, your mobile phone or the comfort timer. Anything is possible! The control and operation is practical with any option.

car vorteile fuer sie sommerlueftungsfunktion 01A parking heater offers more than just warmth in winter. During the summer, a parking heater blows external air into the parked car, thus cooling the vehicle interior. The ventilation function prevents the buildup of excessive heat and very high interior temperatures.


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