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Combitronic – Air and Water Heater

Doubly Economical for Warmth and Comfort

The Eberspächer Combitronic has been developed using the latest technology to provide a complete heating solution for the motorhome owner.

Combining performance with innovation, the Combitronic sets new standards for heat-up times of the accommodation and domestic hot water.

The unique and flexible mounting allows a variety of interior installation options. This maximises vehicle design options, while significantly increasing storage space.

The Combitronic is a duel fuel system that can operate on either diesel fuel from the vehicles own tank, 230v mains hook-up, or a combination of both.


Standard Features

  • Electronic speed control with gentle adjustment, low noise and low power consumption.
  • High capacity domestic hot water storage.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Diagnostic system.
  • Low maintenance, easy to service.
  • Can be operated whilst on the move.
  • Diesel fuelled from the vehicle's own tank.
  • Impressive 3.5kW / 5kW heat output using diesel fuel.
  • Mains immersion heater.
  • Fast warm-up and hot water recovery time.
  • Low fuel consumption.

Additional Features for Deluxe Version

  • Additional 1.5kW heat output using 230v.
  • Automatic frost protection.
  • Economy / Night time mode.
  • Timer and alarm function.
  • Digital control interface.
  • On-screen temperature display.

Space Saving Benefits and Modular Flexibility in One Unique System Combining:

Space Heating

  • With the Hydronic 5 (5kW) diesel fuelled water heater through a water to air heat exchanger and air blower (fan matrix).
  • With the 230v 1.5kW PTC electrical heater*.

Domestic Hot Water

  • With the Hydronic 5 (5kW) through a calorifier.
  • With the 230v mains immersion*.

* Included in the deluxe version.


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Typical Installation

Schematics showing a typical installation based on a CT03MD configuration.

mhome combi cutaway

mhome combi schematic

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