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Small cars, big on fun!

Luxury is not a question of car size. Those who were smart and chose a small car, now enjoys double benefits:  Not only are you ahead of luxury sedans and SUVs in finding parking spaces and at the pump. Now you also getting the  comfort of a parking heater at a promotional price.  

Whether the tried and trusted Thermo Top E model or the new and compact Thermo Top Evo 4 model – these Webasto parking heaters fit in any small car. Don't forego the benefits of an efficient parking heater in your small car. The passenger space of a small car can be quickly and inexpensively pre-heated. This clears the windows before your start and gets the engine up to working temperature so that you can set off safely and in an environment-friendly manner.     

car individual quick weiss NEW! Webasto Individual Quick
Up to now, especially for short distances and spontaneous drives, the heating time was frequently too long. The Webasto Individual Quick circuit shortens the warm-up time by as much as 50 percent by transmitting all the heat directly into the interior. That helps conserve the battery and saves fuel! Find out more!


Heater type Thermo Top Evo 4 Thermo Top E
Fuel consumption (l)
in a 20 min. heating phase at full load*
ca. 0.17 ca. 0.17
Heater outputs (kW)
Full / partial load
4.2 / 2.5 4.2 / 2.5
Power consumption (W)
Full / partial load
35 / 26 35 / 26
Dimensions (mm)
length x width x height 
218 x 91 x 147 214 x 106 x 168
Weight of heater (kg) 2.39 3.2

* Approx. 20 - 40 % of the quoted fuel consumption is compensated by the lower consumption of your pre-heated engine.

car dieselfahrzeuge kleinwa 29

Diesel owners are the lucky ones with a Webasto upgrade kit! Diesel cars are often equipped with an ex factory "auxiliary heater" that can be upgraded to a full-fledged parking heater at very low cost. Many models thus already have half the parking heater  installed and paid for.  

This section contains a list of vehicles (PDF, 37 kB) that can be upgraded


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