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Auxilliary heaters

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High heating comfort at low temperatures

Modern diesel engines are highly efficient. They generate very little lost heat that can be used for heating purposes. For this reason, many car manufacturers install an auxiliary heating system by Webasto that increases the heating performance.


webasto group heizung220 04Comforting heat in the winter. As modern diesel engines are highly efficient there is too little usable waste heat from the engine available to heat the vehicle on cold days. This is why many car manufacturers have been relying for years on high-performance, fuel-burning auxiliary heating systems by Webasto and install them as standard equipment in their vehicles.

Technically a fuel-burning heater works just like a parking heater - although it only functions while the engine is running. We offer our OE customers high process and quality levels through optimal system integration of heating solutions in vehicles. When needed, our heaters quickly generate the heat necessary to defrost the windshield and provide pleasant interior temperatures. The fuel consumption of our heating solutions is very low and lies well beneath that which would arise from running an engine in order to warm it up.

Small upgrade, big effect. Webasto offers upgrade kits for many heaters. These allow heaters to be upgraded to full parking heaters.

Heating systems for automotive industry